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Music City Memo covers "Smile"


NASHVILLE ­– On Friday, June 2, alternative electronic rock and pop artist Grimzlee is set to release his newest single of 2023, Smile. Written and produced by Grimzlee, this song will have you feeling wistful about the one that got away. Expanding on the meaning of the song, Grimzlee says, “Smile is a heavy, hard-hitting track about looking back on a relationship that you wish hadn’t ended and wondering if you still cross their mind.” Pre-save Smile here: As a South Carolinian now based in Nashville, Grimzlee was born to break the musical box of Nashville’s country reputation. He draws influence from Foo Fighters, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Slipnot, Deftones, Lil Peep, POORSTACY and more. Smile is the newest single off his upcoming album, which is set for release in early fall. His previous single off the project, Miss Reaper, achieved 1 million Spotify streams. When asked about Grimzlee, Tim Hutchins, lead guitarist for metal band Sydewynder, says, “Grimzlee combines ethereal textures with catchy melodies and honest lyrics about persevering through mental struggles. His personal blend of pop, rock and alternative elements reveals how precisely dialed in his vision is. His artistry, marketing and steadfast work ethic are bound to catapult him above the surface of the digital sea.” Preview Smile as Grimzlee remembers the longing felt for a lost lover: “I hope when you go to bed That feeling is inside your head Goes away and takes you In your memories Are you done with me Or do I make you smile Do you think of me When you’re not okay Do you think of days gone bye Hope you smile today Smile today Smile today In your memories Are you done with me Or do I make you smile”

About Grimzlee From the cicada-singing summers of Hartsville, South Carolina, to the rolling hills of Nashville, Tennessee, Grimzlee is breaking the traditional genre box associated with Music City. Grimzlee brings electro-punk beats with haunting melodies, crossing multiple genres with his unique sound. This “melancholy but hopeful” sound master grew up on the heavy bass lines of Metallica, Van Halen, and Asking Alexandra, and is highly influenced by Foo Fighters and Bring Me The Horizon. Fans find themselves headbanging along to tracks as they cross boundaries between alternative rock/pop, experimental post-hardcore and metal with pop punk homages. Music’s newest madman hit the ground running, playing in the metal band Atrial for four years before launching his solo project in April of 2022. In just over a year, Grimzlee has passed the 100,000 monthly Spotify listener milestone, a notable accomplishment for independent acts. To create a “nostalgic feeling that’s new,” Grimzlee self-produces to secure the perfect soundscape for every song. Follow Grimzlee online:

● Instagram: @iamgrimzlee

● Facebook: @iamgrimzlee

● Twitter: @iamgrimzlee

● TikTok: @iamgrimzlee

● Spotify: Grimzlee on Spotify

● Bandcamp: Grimzlee on Basecamp

● Website:

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